4th gen iPod

Recently, Apple has just announced the availability of iPod mini worldwide (MacCentre701).

Newsweek's 26th July 2004 issue Ths New iPod revealed the new feature in the 4th generation iPod.

The new features are:
*click wheel, similar to iPod mini
*more efficient menus
*multiple on-th-go playlist
*longer play, rated 12 hours
*lower Price (see below)[/list]And it is still in white colour.

They will be cheaper then current model (3rd generation).
The 40GB iPod (10,000 songs) now costs $399 (USD). was $499
The 20GB iPod (5,000 songs) costs $299 (USD). was $399
No more 15GB model.
That's a $100 (USD) price reduction for each.

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And the popular iPod mini has a price tag of $249 (USD) currently. If the price of iPod mini stays the same when the 4th gen iPod becomes available, it can be translated to
"for 50 bucks more, you can get 16GB more of the storage."

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Posted by Antony at July 19, 2004 12:48 AM

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