Virtual PC 7 delays

According to AppleInsider, Microsoft will delay Virtual PC 7.0 (for Mac) until October at the earliest. Microsoft blames the Windows XP SP2.

In an e-mail to publications today, Microsoft said:

"We wanted to touch base regarding the timing of Virtual PC for Mac Version 7. As you may know, Virtual PC 7 ships with Windows XP both in a box by itself as well as in the Office 2004 for Mac Professional Edition. We are waiting for the release of Windows XP SP2 in order to offer the most recent, most secure version of Windows XP to our Virtual PC for Mac customers. Windows XP SP2 release has moved to August, which has impacted our schedule. Based on this, we anticipate that Virtual PC 7 with Win XP Professional and Home will release to manufacturing in September and be on store shelves by early October. Virtual PC 7 with Windows 2000 and the Standalone and Upgrade versions will be available a few months after this debut. Should the Windows XP SP2 release date change the Virtual PC 7 availability date will change accordingly".


Virtual PC 7.0 was first announced in January of 2004, and was scheduled to ship by the Spring. However, in May, word leaked that Virtual PC 7.0 remained unstable, despite its impressive feature set.

Virtual PC 7.0 will include Windows XP XP2 by default, and other versions such as standalone and with Windows 2000 will be available a few months after the one with Windows XP.

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Posted by Antony at July 23, 2004 6:03 PM

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