RealNetworks to play on iPod without Apple's approval?

According to an article on Seattle Post Intelligencer and this C|net report, RealNetworks is to have their online music service playable on the world's most popular music player - iPod, without Apple's approval.

[RealNetworks chief executive] Glaser said the new system, called Harmony Technology, will let people securely transfer music bought using RealNetworks' music download services to an iPod or virtually any other portable music player.

In April, Apple rebuffed RealNetworks' request for an alliance between the companies. (report)

> RealNetworks says files can play on iPod (by Allison Linn, 25th July 2004, Seattle Post Intelligencer)

Updated: no Harmony with iPod photo (MacCentre701, 15th Dec 2004)

Posted by Antony at July 26, 2004 2:39 PM

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