MSN Music

Microsoft joins the music download war. As expected.

Earlier, SillyDog701 reported Microsoft joins search engine war, competing with Google, it is still too earlier to call the result. As a Netscape Archive website, SillyDog701 immediately noticed the similarity between the browser wars many years back. Now, MSN Music has just started in beta testing of its online music, and it is expected to open in October.

It is a service as part of MSN, combining other services such as MSN's web portal.

Our first sight of MSN Music is a rip off copy of iTune Music Store, the layout is very similar. Currently, MSN Music requires credit cards with U.S. billing address.

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> Microsoft opens MSN Music store (C|net

Apple's iTunes success poses a threat to Windows, as its popularity could help it become a preferred platform for digital media. Many analysts compare today's music battle with Microsoft's war against the Netscape Web browser, which was seen as a challenge to Windows. Microsoft feared that software engineers would gravitate to developing applications on Netscape, thus circumventing Windows. The same possibility with iTunes is throwing a shadow over Microsoft's media hub plans for Windows.

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Posted by Antony at September 7, 2004 12:23 AM

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