iCleaner, removes scratches from iPod

iCleaner kitRemoving iPod scratches with iCleaner, a quick report

The 4G 20GB iPod I bought is actually a second hand one, not brand new, at the time when I bought it, it has some scratches. I can't complain about those, as those scratches are not that many, and quite reasonable for normal usage. I also made a few scratches to the iPod myself. The 4G iPod skins are not yet available, since iCleaner is recommended in the iPodlounge, I decided to give it a try.

I bought iCleaner Pro Scratch Removal on 10th Sept, and received it on 16th Sept from the States. I have to say the delivery is rather fast, and it is faster and easier than ordering from Australian online shops.

Since the instruction is written clearly in iCleaner website, I am not going to repeat them, but would like to show you the results.

Photos of iPod before applying iCleaner.
iPod front, before iPod front, before
click thumbnails for larger photos


iPod front, before iPod back, before
click thumbnails for larger photos

I applied small amount of iCleaner to the cloth included and to the white face and LCD of the iPod, and followed the instruction. Then applied iCleaner Back and Deep Scratch Polish to the metal side of the iPod and again followed the instruction. I do not use a lot of the iCleaner and polish, however I can notice the improvement.

And the results:
iPod front in different lightings. (click thumbnails for larger photos)
iPod front, after iPod front, after

iPod back in different lightings. (click thumbnails for larger photos)
iPod back, after iPod back, after

From the pictures, I can notice that many scratches are gone, still have some fine scratches left, which requires close look and I can't get them to show on the pictures. That might due to the fact that I did not apply much of the liquid, and will leave those not noticeable scratches for next time. Basically, I am quite happy with the result.

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Posted by Antony at September 18, 2004 6:57 PM

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