play your iPod with the 23hr battery

According to Accelerate Your Macintosh, there's a report of using the third party 2100mAh replacement battery for running 1st and 2nd Generation iPods for 23 hours.

"Thanks to your site, I bought the 2100 mAh replacement battery for my 2nd Gen 20 GB iPod. The results are incredible:

The Test - Shuffle Songs ON, Sound Check and EQ OFF, Volume set at 3/4, a comfortable listening level, iPod Software version 1.4. 90% of my songs are AAC format at 128 bitrate, and the average song length is 5 minutes.

I hit play at MIDNIGHT on Friday, and let the iPod continuously run. No track skips, no backlight, no volume adjustments. After 309 songs, the iPod finally gave the battery warning and shut down at 11:35 PM Saturday night. That's right....23 HOURS AND 35 MINUTES later, the iPod ran out of power! Instead of buying a new iPod, this is the best $39 I ever spent! Or, if I decide to sell it on eBay, this will stand out above the rest!

Just thought you would be interested in hearing about another report with this fantastic battery replacement!
Peter H. "

You can buy the replacement battery from Other World Computing.

Posted by Antony at September 28, 2004 3:57 PM

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