Apple Store Regent St (London) opens

It's freezing in London, but Apple fans showed their usual camping style outside Apple Store for the Opening Day, just like the USA and Japan fans.

Macworld UK has pictures of the camping over night.

the massive Apple Store London

BBC News (UK) reported some fans were disappointed they the iPod or iPod mini were not one-in-three lucky bags as in USA and Japan.

SillyDog701 Moderator DJGM reported Firefox 1.0 was installed in one of the PowerBook G4's. Stay tuned with MacCentre701, DJGM will show us some video footage of the store he took.

> Steev Bishop has a nice report on the Apple Store Regent St opening.

> more photos from Regent Street opening (

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Posted by Antony at November 20, 2004 1:16 PM

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