iTMS UK donates to Band Aid 20

iTunes Music Store (UK) will now donate 70p for every “Do You Know It's Christmas?” song by Band Aid 20 sold through iTunes Music Store UK.

Band Aid 20 insists to charge £1.49 for each song sold, but that price tag is far above the iTMS (UK) pricing policy, 79p. Apple decided to top up the 70p and to sell the song it UK store.


From The Mac Observer,

In a prepared statement obtained by The Mac Observer, Apple's UK offices said, "Apple is pleased to offer the Band Aid 20 single on the iTunes Music Store to raise funds for the plight of hunger and poverty in Africa. Since all songs on iTunes are £0.79, we've decided to sell it for £0.79 and Apple will donate an additional £0.70 for each downloaded song to the Band Aid Charitable Trust.

You can buy the song from Do They Know It's Christmas? (UK store).

Posted by Antony at December 2, 2004 12:09 PM

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