Apple Cinema Display price drop

Apple has reduced the price of all three of its current model flat panel Cinema Display offerings.

The new prices are: 20-inch Cinema Display US$999 ($300 price cut)
23-inch Cinema Display HD US$1799 ($200 price cut)
30-inch Cinema Display HD US$2999 ($300 price cut)

The NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL video card required to drive the 30-inch model remains priced at US$599; the card carries a 3-5 week estimated ship time from Apple.

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more price cuts in Australia and the UK

In Australia, Apple Cinema Displays 20-inch Cinema Display: AU$1599 (was AU$2299) 23-inch Cinema Display HD: AU$2899 (was AU$3499) 30-inch Cinema Display HD: AU$4899 (was AU$5999)

PowerMacs G5 1.8: AU$2399 (was AU$2699)
PowerMacs G5 Dual 1.8: AU$3199 (was AU$3599)
PowerMacs G5 Dual 2.0: AU$3999 (was AU$4499)
PowerMacs G5 Dual 2.5: AU$4899 (was AU$5299)

iMac G5 1.6GHz (17"): AU$1999 (was AU$2199)
iMac G5 1.8GHz (17"): AU$2399 (was AU$2499)
iMac G5 1.8GHz (20"): AU$2999 (was AU$3199)

According to Macworld UK repots
iMac G5 - 20-50 reduction on each model; prices are now: 899 (17-inch, 1.6GHz), 999 (17-inch, 1.8GHz), 1,299 (20-inch, 1.8GHz)
Power Mac G5 - 100-200 reduction on ecah model; prices are now: 999 (1.8GHz), 1,349 (dual-1.8GHz), 1,699 (dual-2GHz), 1,999 (dual-2.5GHz)
PowerBook G4 - 50 reduction on each model; prices are now: 1,099 (12-inch), 1,349 (15-inch, 1.33GHz, Combo), 1,699 (15-inch, 1.5GHz, SuperDrive), 1,899 (17-inch)
iBook G4 - 50 reduction on some models; prices are now: 699 (12-inch), 899 (14-inch, Combo), 999 (14-inch, SuperDrive)
eMac - 20 drop, now 679
Cinema Displays - 300-450 reductions; prices are now: 699 (20-inch), 1,249 (23-inch), 2,099 (30-inch)

Posted by Antony at January 5, 2005 12:04 AM

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