Apple unveils Final Cut Studio

Apple Computer announces Final Cut Studio, the ultimate HD video production suite, features Final Cut Pro 5, a major upgrade to the Emmy award-winning editing software for DV, SD, HD and film. Final Cut Studio also includes state-of-the-art tools that complement Final Cut Pro 5 such as Soundtrack Pro, a revolutionary new audio editing and sound design application that makes video projects sound as good as they look; Motion 2, the world’s first real-time motion graphics application with GPU accelerated 32-bit float rendering; and DVD Studio Pro 4, the first commercially available DVD authoring software that burns high definition DVDs to the latest HD DVD specification.

> Final Cut Studio main webpage.


Final Cut Studio is available for US$1299 (US$ 499 upgrade from Production Suite; US$ 699 upgrade from Final Cut Pro)

Final Cut Pro is available for US$999 (US$ 399 upgrade from Final Cut Pro; US$ 699 upgrade from Final Cut Express)

Soundtrack Pro is available for US$299 (US$99 upgrade from Soundtrack)

Motion 2 is priced at US$299 (US$99 upgrade from Motion)

DVD Studio Pro 4 is priced at US$499 (US$199 upgrade from DVD Studio Pro)

Posted by Antony at April 18, 2005 12:36 PM

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