CodeWeavers to support Intel Mac

CodeWeavers' CrossOver Technology, a technology that ported iTunes (for Windows) to Linux platforms last August. (related discussion), has announced that it will support future Intel x86 based Mac. This company aims on bringing Windows based application to Linux will also bring Windows based application to Intel x86 based Mac.

More detail in CodeWeavers Expands Developer Services, Enabling Future Windows Application Porting To Mac OS (CodeWeavers Press Release)

We can expect more applications for Mac in the future. Another great reason to buy a Mac.

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The Mac Observer has a nice writing on CrossOver and running Windows applications.

CrossOver is based on the open source software WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator), which runs Windows applications on Linux machines without resorting to emulation. Developers will be able to use CrossOver to port their Windows applications to the Mac more easily, according to CodeWeavers, which also provides porting services. The company also sells CrossOver Office, which Linux users employ to natively run Windows applications -- that software will also be available for Intel-based Macs when they ship.

Currently, running Windows applications on a Mac means using Microsoft's Virtual PC, an emulator that is almost useless for any software that is hardware intensive. However, CodeWeavers said in a statement: "By installing CrossOver Office on Intel-based Macs, many Windows-only applications, including Windows-based games, utilities, and business applications, will operate seamlessly and reliably."

(quote from The Mac Observer)

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