chatting with MSN, Yahoo, ICQ through iChat 3

In iChat 3, Apple added Jabber service, an open, secure, ad-free alternative instant messaging (IM) similar to AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! (Messenger). And the best of all is you can still have video and audio chat under Jabber network as well as connecting to MSN, ICQ and Yahoo! networks in addition to AIM network.

Jeremy Lunn of wrote a useful article about setting up Jabber in iChat 3 and the method to connect to MSN.

Using iChat with Jabber (Jabber Australia by Jeremy Lunn)

To set up Jabber, all you need to do is to register an account from any of the Jabber servers around the world, and put your account name and password in iChat.

To chat with MSN, ICQ, or Yahoo! messenger users, you will need to register an account in MSN, ICQ or Yahoo!, next register with your Jabber server for MSN/ICQ/Yahoo! transport service (also called Gateway).

> For more detail, please check Using iChat with Jabber guide.


From Using iChat with Jabber

Gateways and Transports

One last thing you can do is to add your existing friends to Jabber through a Gateway/Transport. The Jabber Australia server has gateways to MSN and ICQ. Before doing so, however, you should be aware that it's not the same as talking to people directly on Jabber. So for full features and greater reliability, sign your friends up to Jabber.

iChat doesn't actually provide an interface for registering with transports, so we have provided a web based interface. To use it, you must first sign out of Jabber then you can fill out the form. It has the added advantage that all your MSN friends will be added automatically without needing to confirm each one individually. Once it's done, sign back into Jabber and it'll all be there!

> For more detail, please check Using iChat with Jabber guide (Jabber Australia).
Please note the article in Jabber Australia is specified to, however, the main concept is the same. Some Jabber servers may not have webpage interface for registering.

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