Show Brian your Dashboard and win $30 iTMS gift card

A Mac user and a blogger, Brian Stucki has started a Dashboard contest.

All you have to do is to take screenshot of your Dashboard and email them to Brian.

1) Any Screen Resolution is ok. 2) Send in as many as you’d like, but be sure that each one is different. (change out widgets, move them around, or have a different desktop behind the dashboard.) 3) Please be aware of any personal info you may have on your dashboard, such as a WAN ip address. 4) Multiple submissions will be grouped by email address so be sure to send from the same address each time. More then one screenshot per email is ok. 5) The contest will end Monday Aug, 15, 2005.

The contest ends Monday 15th August, he will then hand out a US$30 iTunes gift card to the entrant who sends in the most different screenshots, and another US$30 iTMS gift card another random selected entrant.

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(News from Blogger Offers $30 iTunes Gift Card For Most Dashboard Screenshots, The Mac Observer)

Posted by Antony at August 11, 2005 8:46 PM

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