FileMaker 8 released

FileMaker 8FileMaker on introduced new FileMaker Pro 8, the latest version of the venerable database tool. New features in this upgrade include PDF Maker and Excel Maker, which enable users to turn their reports into PDFs or Microsoft Excel files. Other new features include fast match, fast send, auto-complete, e-mail merge, tab panel control, and support for mouse scroll wheels and more.

FileMaker Pro 8 pricing is US$299, or $179 to upgrade from an earlier version. FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced pricing is $499 and $299. FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced is formerly named FileMaker Developer. FileMaker Pro 8 and Pro 8 Advanced are available for Mac and Windows platforms.

> FileMaker 8 (FileMaker office website)


What’s new in FileMaker Pro 8

  • Create Adobe PDF files using the new PDF Maker for easy viewing of FileMaker
    information by others.
  • Create Microsoft Excel files using the new Excel Maker for easy sharing and analysis of
    FileMaker information by Excel users.
  • Email the contents of any field instantly
    using the new Fast Send feature.
  • Search databases easier without typing using
    the new Fast Match feature.
  • Create cleaner looking database layouts with
    new alignment tools.
  • Perform Email merge
    to send personalized messages to many customers easily.
  • Import tables into
    more efficiently than ever before.
  • Document databases and field relationships
    much easier with the improved Relationships Graph.
  • Build layouts with multiple tabs in a single
    step using the new Tab Control.
  • And many more time-saving
    , including features to automate data entry,
    ensure more accuracy of data entry, and speed development — not to
    mention mouse-wheel support and much more!

> FileMaker 8 (FileMaker office website)

Posted by Antony at August 31, 2005 12:49 AM

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