iPod nano replaces iPod mini

ipodnano.gifA new line of iPod is now available - iPod nano. iPod nano is 62% smaller than iPod mini, a flash-memory based iPod, and it can existing iPod accessories. iPod nano uses USB 2.0 for connection and has 14 hours battery life.
It also features colour screen with graphical clock, games, stopwatch and lap timer.

1,000 songs in your pocket and impossibly small.

> iPod nano (Apple official website)

iPod nano is available today in 2GB and 4GB confiugurations for US$199 and $249 respectively.
iPod nano accessories also available:
dock (US$29),
lanyard with built-in headphones (US$39)
colour-coordinated armbands (US$29)
"nanotubes" US$29 each.

Posted by Antony at September 8, 2005 4:59 AM

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