ADC Bookshelf opens

ADC BookshelfNews from The Mac Observer, Apple Developer Connection (ADC) has launched a new ADC Bookshelf Service.

This new ADC Boiokshelf Service gives all Mac hardware and software developers a new access to almost 1,000 technical books on a subscription base. Subscribers can place up to 10 books at a time on their personalized ADC Bookshelf, enabling them to search those volumes, add notes and bookmarks and download chapters as PDF files. (PDF downloads are restricted to 5 chapter per month, credit can be roll over to another month, additional token available for purchase.)

Pricing is US$17.99 per month for ADC Premier and Select members. (US$19.99 per month for ADC Online members.)

ADC Bookshelf Service

Posted by Antony at September 27, 2005 3:39 PM

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