iTunes Music Store Australia 25th Oct?

According to AppleTalk Australia, iTunes Music Store Australia is likely to be available on 25th October.

Apple Australia has organised a major briefing on Tuesday at which the worldwide head of iTunes Music Store and worldwide head of iPod Marketing will appear. It's highly unusual for Apple to hold a press briefing unless a product announcement is being made, and it's hard to imagine the head of iTMS flying from the US to Australia for any other reason than the announcement of iTMS Australia.

Other corroborating evidence is that Australian music video producers have recently shot some videos specifically for playback on small screens - likely to be iTMS exclusives for the launch. Take this as you will: there's been no end of iTMS rumors to date that haven't panned out, but then, there has never been a media event with the iTMS chief in attendance before.

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Posted by Antony at October 19, 2005 5:00 PM

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