iTunes comes to Oz

According to's report, iTunes Music Store is coming to Australia on 30th October 2005. Speculation of the cost per song is between 99 cents and 1.69 Australian Dollars.

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iTunes hits Oz (, 20 Oct 2005)

Online sales of music in Australia will explode by more than 500 per cent this year with the iTunes music store set to launch by the end of the month.

After waiting more than 12 months, hundreds of thousands of iPod owners will be able to access paid downloads from October 31.
An Apple media conference on Tuesday is expected to confirm the Australian store's launch and how much we will pay per song or album.

Speculation has the cost per song being between 99c and $1.69.

Australia's leading music video directors are believed to have produced clips specifically for small screen playback as an exclusive feature for the launch.

Despite speculation iTunes would go live last October and then in May this year, two major record labels stalled the launch by refusing to sign licensing agreements allowing the Apple megastore to sell their artists' songs.

Warner Music Australia is expected to sign a contract with Apple before the launch but SonyBMG Music Entertainment Australia remains in negotiations and is not expected to be on board for the launch.
This means iPod music fans will not be able to immediately download tracks by the likes of Shannon Noll, Alex Lloyd, Pete Murray, Destiny's Child, Franz Ferdinand and Kelly Clarkson.

Update: iTunes Music Store launches in Australia 25 October 2005

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