MWSF 2006 is coming

MWSF 2006 Only a few more sleeps to go. Steve Jobsí exciting Keynote is coming. Stay tuned with MacCentre701, we will bring you the news after Steve Jobsí Keynote. (Sorry, we don't run rumours.)

The Guardian has a nice paragraph...

If the chief executive of Cadbury-Schweppes speaks at a conference, or Nike's boss introduces a new kind of trainer, you might expect to see it covered in specialist magazines, then quickly forgotten. But on Tuesday a chief executive will stand up and announce something, and within minutes it will be scrutinised across the web and on stockbrokers' computers. It will be in newspapers. They'll talk about it for months.

Posted by Antony at January 7, 2006 2:29 PM

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