Windows Media Player for Mac ends development

According to CNet's Music stops for Mac Windows Media Player, Microsoft has officially stopped development of its Windows Media Player (WMP) for the Mac and won't develop any future music-playing software for Mac platform.

"We have no plans to provide future updates or product support for Windows Media Player for Mac," Adam Anderson, Microsoft public relations manager, said in an interview Thursday.

And the reason?

"It's basically a business decision for Microsoft," Anderson said. "Like any other company, we have business priorities. Our focus really is in delivering the best experience to Windows customers."

The company has said it will come out new versions of Office for Mac and MSN Messenger for Mac. The development of Virtual PC for Mac is unknown.

Microsoft recently released Windows Media Components for QuickTime free by Flip4Mac.

Posted by Antony at January 13, 2006 4:14 PM

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