Yojimbo 1.0


Yojimbo is an effortless and reliable information organiser for everybody. A new software from Bare Bones best known for the BBEdit - a powerful text editor. It's not a bloated software, but it does exactly what we need. Easy to use and syncs the information with you.

Yojimbo is not designed to replace your PDA or an all-in-one organiser/task-manager. It's designed for recording bits and pieces of information... notes (all sorts, text, rich text and even PDF), website, urls and best of all... passwords and serial numbers.


Screenshot of Yojimbo:

Yojimbo allows you to organise the information the way you want, in its simple and straight-forward interface. You can let Yojimbo to record the web pages, pictures and PDFs. One of the best feature in Yojimbo is the management of serial number and passwords. Most people like me, after some years of internet usage, there were a lot of logins we need to remember or serial numbers from the products we bought. I used to keep a record on a book, but I now found the Yojimbo provides the best management for me (as long as I don't forget my Yojimbo password).

Screenshot of Yojimbo Drop Dock (like a Tab on the edge of screen), allowing you to quickly adding information into Yojimbo.

Yojimbo Drop DockYojimbo Drop Dock

To do this, simply highlight/select the information (paragraphs, URL, or picture) and drag to the Drop Dock. The piece of information will then be added to the Yojimbo. Yojimbo icon on the Mac OS X Dock also works. (Read this entry on how to use the Mac mouse the Mac way.)

Another great feature of Yojimbo is the syncing. Many of us uses more than one computer. Syncing is just all we need. Syncing requires a .Mac account, if you don't have a dot Mac account, you can try .Mac free for 60 days free now.

How safe is Yojimbo's encryption? Yojimbo uses AES-256 encryption. (Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm with a 256-bit key)

Yojimbo's features:

  • Store almost anything in Yojimbo—text, rich text, images, PDFs, even serial numbers and passwords
  • Location independent access—use .Mac Sync Services and enjoy the same Yojimbo satori at home and at the office
  • Organise your information any way that suits your style, from “everything in one spot” to “organized to the extreme”
  • Instant Spotlight search
  • Effortless to install, learn and use
  • Reliable and secure—it’s built using core Mac OS X technologies

The Mac Observer's Dave Hamilton said:

Life in the last week is *way* better than it was before Yojimbo.

And I can't agree less, Yojimbo is the best information organiser I've ever used.

Mac OS X Universal BinaryYojimbo requires:
Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later (PowerPC or Intel processors)
.Mac account (optional) Try .Mac free for 60 days free now.

Shareware available for 30 days.
single user US$39 (multiple machines)
family pack US$69 (up to 5 members, multiple machines)
educational US$29

Store and share up to 1 GB of files online

You can try Yojimbo free for 30 days and .Mac free for 60 days.

Link: Yojimbo (Bare Bones)
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