iPod Hi-Fi

iPod Hi-Fi. Home Stereo. Reinvented.

Apple announced iPod HiFi, a stereo that features a dock connection, built-in handles and 80mm mid-range drivers, along with a 130mm dual voice coil woofer. It comes in a sealed resin enclosure and can be powered by six D-cell batteries, or through its built-in power supply.

iPod HiFi is compatible with any iPod with a dock connector; it includes 10 Universal Dock adapters.



"We get great bass on this thing, and it doesn't distort when you turn it up," Mr. Jobs said during his demonstration. The iPod HiFi comes with an Apple Remote for controlling song selection and the volume, and it charges the iPod through the dock connector. There's also a port for an iPod shuffle, as well as a 3.5mm auxiliary input for connecting to analog or digital audio sources.

iPod HiFi is available now for US$349.

iPod Hi-Fi (home page)

Posted by Antony at March 1, 2006 7:31 AM

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