Flip4Mac WMV Player 2.0.2 released


Flip4Mac WMV Player 2.0.2 is now available. Flip4Mac WMV is free for everybody.

Flip4Mac says more websites and web browsers are now supported in this new release.

During MWSF 2006, Microsoft provided Flip4Mac WMV free from Microsoft's website. Flip4Mac WMV was previously known as Windows Media Components for QuickTime for playback WMV files directly from QuickTime, it was charged US$ 9.95 previously for WMV playback. Microsoft also announced discontinuing of Windows Media Player for Mac development during MWSF 2006.


Changes in this new release,

  • Improved ASX handling
  • Improved support for websites using query strings for authentication
  • Resolved conflict between Flip4Mac WMV, 3ivx and Divx QuickTime components that caused application crashes and other playback inconsistencies
  • Added preference that enables/disables Flip4Mac WMV playback of AVI files containing Microsoft MPEG-4 video codecs
  • Resolved crash that occurred when movie contained G.726 audio
  • Resolved crash during playback of certain DRM protected content
  • Added help button on preference panes

Thanks to this report in applewoods.

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