iTunes Multi-Pass

News from Cnet, a new prepaid for content with discount model (or "subscription" as referred by Cnet), called Multi-Pass, is now available through Apple Computer's iTunes Music Store for TV shows.

The service, unveiled Wednesday, is being offered in partnership with Viacom's Comedy Central cable network, which is rolling out "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" on Multi-Pass.

Fans will be able to buy the next month's series of 16 new episodes via Multi-Pass for $9.99, or pay $1.99 per episode. Four episodes air each week, and Multi-Pass customers can download each episode after it's been broadcast.


Although Cnet calls it "subscription", it's more like "prepaid for discount" deal.

From iTunes Music Store:

This Multi-Pass includes the most recent episode (if one is available) and the next 15 new episodes of XXXX. The most recent episode (if available) will download immediately and future episodes will download as they become available.

It is also noted that Apple has sold 8 million videos through iTunes Music Store.

Source: iTunes offers subscription deal (Cnet, March 8, 2006)
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