Windows XP runs faster on Mac than PC (Core Duo)

(Thanks to The Daily Mac for the news.)
We all know Windows XP can be successfully booted on an Intel-based Mac, but how fast can Windows run on an Intel-based Mac (Core Duo)?

Gearlog has the report. They tested on 3 top models of Core Duo Macs (a 20" iMac (2.0 GHz Core Duo), a MacBook Pro (2.16 GHz Core Duo), and a Mac mini (1.66 GHz Core Duo)), and the result is stunning.

Without a doubt, the fastest Mac (MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz) was the winning... but to our surprise, it's even faster than Windows installed on PC Core Duo laptops.

The conclusion: Apple made the fastest Windows laptop!

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For more information: Windows XP on Macs: Tested, Benchmarked (Gearlog, March 21, 2006)

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Posted by Antony at March 23, 2006 1:35 PM

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