Xcode 2.3 released, new features in ADC Reference Library

XcodeApple released Xcode 2.3, an update to Xcode 2.2.1. Xcode 2.3 provides overall stability and performance enhancements to the Xcode IDE, and fixes a number of bugs. ADC Reference Library also updates with two new resource types.

Xcode 2.3 is available for download from Apple Developer Connection Web site, and is free. Xcode 2.3 requires Mac OS X 10.4.x. Xcode 2.3 (DMG) is 915 MB in file size.

For more detail about Xcode 2.3, please read Xcode 2.3 Release Notes.


With the release of Xcode 2.3, the ADC Reference Library adds two new resource types: Guides and Reference. Replacing the Documentation resource type, Guides and Reference group ADC documents in a convenient and intuitive way.

icon_guides.jpgThe Guides resource type includes developer guides that contain the conceptual and task-oriented information you need when you're starting a project, exploring a new technology, or looking for advice on accomplishing a particular goal. Use the Jump To menu or the resource-type Display menu to select Guides and browse ADC's comprehensive collection of overviews, tutorials, programming guides, and tool-specific user guides in technology categories such as Cocoa, Carbon, Graphics & Imaging, and Performance.

icon_reference.jpgTo see all other reference documents, just select Reference in the Jump To menu or the resource-type Display menu and browse by technology category or subcategory, or view the complete reference list for any category.

For more detail about the new Reference Library, please read Newest Features of the ADC Reference Library.

May 2006's ADC Reference Library update is another 242.2 MB download.

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