DivX 6.5 for Mac released

DivX Player
DivX, Inc. released DivX 6.5 for Mac, the latest version of the video player that also includes the DivX 6 QuickTime plug-in. This upgrade features full-screen playback of DivX videos, a desktop dimmer, and DivX Player for Mac.

If you've been downloading movies/TV shows from the net(*), most of those movies are encoded with DivX codec, you will need this DivX 6 QuickTime plug-in or use the included DivX Player to watch movies, both of those are free.


One cool feature of DivX Player is to allow you watching the movie as Desktop. The movie plays as your desktop wallpaper. See screenshot below:
DivX Player in Desktop
(Troy trailer playing at desktop by DivX Player)

Full screen play mode is available as well.

With the QuickTime plug-in, you can watch the movie in QuickTime Player. If you wish to create movies in DivX codec (DivX video), you will need to buy DivX Pro for US$ 19.99.

You can download DivX 6.5 from DivX for Mac (official website)

(*) Don't steal movies. Buy your favourite TV shows from iTunes Music Store.
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