iPod Hi-Fi rip-off

Remember iPod shuffle rip-off and iPod mini rip-off?

There's a rip-off to Apple's iPod Hi-Fi.

Apple iPod Hi-Fi vs Apogee ripoff
The picture of real Apple iPod Hi-Fi vs Apogee's rip-off.

Apple released iPod Hi-Fi on 28 Feb 2006 and received TIME Magazine's Gadget of the Year.

You can buy iPod Hi-Fi from Apple Store through our link.


More photos of the rip-off, Apogee ICR-2.1:

(with the base is at back)

You should not buy Apogee's iPod Hi-Fi rip-off. Let's shame Apogee!

Screenshot of Apogee page:

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Posted by Antony at May 29, 2006 10:19 AM

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