Microsoft to release wireless keyboard and mouse for Mac

MS Wireless Laser Desktop
Microsoft is to release wireless keyboard and mouse for Mac, called Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac. The product includes a glossy wireless mouse, keyboard and a wired receiver. Microsoft claims the mouse is more responsive and precise and tracks more smoothly then ever with its High Definition Laser Technology. The mouse includes a Tilt Wheel that simplifies navigating and viewing spreadsheets, documents and images. The curved keyboard provides ergonomic design.


Our first impression on this upcoming Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop: it's very Windows like. It is very suitable for new switchers from Windows.

Let's compare it with Apple's wireless solution:
Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse:
Apple's wireless keyboard and mouse design has a beautifully compact footprint. The keyboard comes with a full suite of keys and functionality, and itís a pleasure to use.

Microsoft's design is clearly differently from Apple's simple and elegant approach. Microsoft's Wireless Laser Desktop requires one USB port for RF receiver, whereas Apple's Wireless Keyboard and Mouse uses Bluetooth technology.

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac will be released in Summer (north hemisphere) this year with a recommended retail price of US$99.95

You can buy Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Wireless Mouse from Apple Store.

for more information:
Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac
Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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Posted by Antony at June 3, 2006 11:00 PM

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