Yojimbo 1.2 released

Yojimbo 1.2

In February, we mentioned Yojimbo, a great bits and pieces organiser. Version 1.1 of Yojimbo was released on 10th March. The good news, Yojimbo 1.2 is now available with new convenient features including search term highlighting, richer data exchange, direct links to items, "bookmarklet" (one-click creation of bookmarks and web archives), PDF display control, and a number of enhancements.

Not just those, the software is now getting better, with a short introduction movie and a "Getting Started" document.

Out of all those new features, the "Yojimbo print service" adds another convenience way to store data in Yojimbo.


.MacYojimbo works best with .Mac service. MacCentre701 provides Yojimbo Backup ‘QuickPick’ (free) for all Yojimbo users.

For more information about this new release, please see Yojimbo release notes.

Shareware available for 30 days.
single user US$39 (multiple machines)
family pack US$69 (up to 5 members, multiple machines)
educational US$29

Yojimbo (official home page)

Posted by Antony at June 8, 2006 4:16 AM

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