REALbasic 2006 Release 3 available

REAL Software announced the availability of REALbasic 2006 Release 3 for the Mac, Windows, and Linux. The updated version of the software development and design environment adds version control format support, improved error checking, improved project navigation, the ability to automatically save state and option settings, and more.

Earlier this year, REAL Software announced REALbasic will support Cocoa, Apple Computer's framework for Mac OS X software development, and hence Universal Support. It is noted that Universal Binary support is still not available in this release. REAL Software is still working on the Universal Binary support.


Screenshot of REALbasic:

REALbasic is a Visual Basic -like programming language that can be used to crate cross-platform applications for Mac, Windows and Linux from a single OS.

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Posted by Antony at July 7, 2006 1:11 AM

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