Time Gadget of the week: Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike+iPod Sport Kit
Apple and Nike's new Nike + iPod Sport Kit announced in May and just released last week is this week's Time Gadget of the Week.
Wilson Rothman writes for TIME.com, “For a field already glutted with gadgets, the Nike + iPod kit is the most elegant of high-tech runner’s aids.”


The price of the product itself is US$29, but it won't work without an iPod nano. Also, you can't wear just any shoes. Nike has already launched six lines for both men and women, priced from around US$80.

In MacCentre701's record, we noted AirPort Express (21 July 2004), iMac G5 (11 Nov 2005), MacBook Pro (7th March 2006), iPod Hi-Fi (13 March 2006) and MacBook (7 June 2006)were all been selected as TIME Magazine's Gadget of Week. (That's MacCentre701's record, there should be more.)

link: Gadget of the Week (Time Magazine, 19 July 2006)

Posted by Antony at July 21, 2006 1:14 AM

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