Apple announces winners of Apple Design Awards 2006

Apple Design Awards 2006
Apple has announced the award winners of of Apple Design Awards 2006.

And the envelop please...
Best Mac OS X Developer Tool:
Runner-Up: F-Script; Winner: TextMate

Best Use of Mac OS X Graphics:
Runner-Up: Unity; Winner: Modo

Best Mac OS X Dashboard Widget:
Runner-Up: WeatherBug Local Weather; Winner: iClip lite

Best Mac OS X Automator Workflow:
Runner-Up: Lecture Recording Workflow 1.2; Winner: Build Real Estate Catalog/Ultimate Productivity Action Pack

Best Mac OS X User Experience:
Runner-Up: Bionix FotoMagico; Winner: iSale

Best Mac OS X Game:
Runner-Up: Wingnuts 2; Winner: Sims 2

Best Mac OS X Scientific Computing Solution:
Runner-Up: FuzzMeasure Pro; Winner: EnzymeX

Best Mac OS X Student Awards:
Runner-Up: PhotoPresenter; Winner: LineForm

Congratulations to all award winners.


Posted by Antony at August 9, 2006 5:23 PM

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