Mac Pro is cheaper than home-built computer

Mac ProApple has demonstrated the Mac Pro is cheaper than Dell's equivalent machine,

AnandTech compared Mac Pro with home-built computer...

AnandTech calculated that a custom-assembled system (without assembling charges and software cost), a compatible home built machine would be US$2390, okay, it's $100 cheaper than Mac Pro's list price. However, it does not include case, power supply and a copy of operating system.

Mac Pro with 2x Xeon 5150 (2.66GHz) is priced at US$2499 (or $2299 with educational discount)

If you're in the market for a dual socket dual core Xeon workstation, Apple's Mac Pro is definitely a bargain. The only real issue here is that not everyone needs or can adequately use a dual socket Xeon workstation, in which case you can argue that there's better value in a cheaper single socket Core 2 system. Unfortunately Apple does not offer any such system, which leads us to believe that we'll either eventually see the introduction of a cheaper single socket Mac Pro or maybe even a new product line simply called the "Mac" that uses desktop Core 2 processors instead of their Xeon counterparts.

For detail on the price comparison, please see Apple's Mac Pro - A True PowerMac Successor.


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Bottom line? The default configuration of the Mac Pro is priced very competitively for what you get; whether or not you need what you get is a different discussion entirely.

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