Native Mac coming

Open OfficeNews from MacNN, a native Mac OS X version of the free is coming soon, detail to be announced during Apple Expo in Paris.

Since its original introduction on the Mac platform, the open-source OpenOffice project has been using the traditional X11 windowing system for compatibility with Mac OS X. Apple's own X11 implementation of the window system provides a standard toolkit and protocol for graphical user interfaces (GUI) for non-native Mac applications to run on Mac OS X. Though this has worked well functionally, some users have considered the appearance to be disappointing. Recently, OpenOffice announced that the new "Aqua"-based Mac native version (that does not use X11) is progressing well. The lead develper Eric B., has announced plans to demonstrate a working beta at Apple Expo in Paris, which takes place from September 12-16th.

Posted by Antony at August 31, 2006 1:24 AM

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