CrossOver Mac beta released

CrossOver Mac

Owners of Intel-based Mac will have one more way to run Windows applications, and no Windows needed.

CodeWeavers Inc. has released a beta version of CrossOver Mac, allowing users to run Windows applications on Intel-based Macs. The difference between CrossOver Mac and Parallels Desktop is CrossOver is a WINE environment, not a virtualisation. It also means you don't need a copy of Windows to run Windows applications.


It is still in beta and TUAW reports it freezes up a few times.

CrossOver Mac will be priced at US$59.95 a copy, users can take a discount of $39.95 pre-order price.
Trial version is available for 60 days.

Apple offers Boot Camp for booting up Windows directly from Intel-based Macs free and it's currently in public beta; Parallels also offers Parallels Desktop for running Windows under virtualisation environment.

For more information, please visit CrossOver Mac (CodeWeavers).
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Posted by Antony at September 1, 2006 11:26 AM

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