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According to Parallels' official blog, Parallels, Inc. has released Parallels Desktop build 1898 that substantially improves Mac Pro and 64-bit iMac performance and eliminates kernel panics and major bugs as well as adds new support for Windows Vista (RC1) as a guest OS.


parallels_package.jpgFrom Parallels' official blog,

Its very important to note that limiting your RAM configuration to run Parallels Desktop will NOT prevent you from running any other OS X application (although they may run slightly slower). It simply helps our hypervisor "play nice" with the Mac Pro.

This build also adds support for Windows Vista RC1 as a guest OS, and adds an improved Parallels Tools package for all of the Vista builds that improves mouse movement, and video resolutions, and beefs up networking. I highly recommend you install it if you're running Vista!

Parallels Desktop for the Mac is available at the Parallels Web site, and is priced at US$ 79.99.

Parallels Desktop (Parallels Desktop official homepage)

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