Apple previews new .Mac webmail

.Mac webmail

A good news for .Mac members, Apple has made the new .Mac webmail interface available for preview. The overall UI has been refined, and it looks similar to's interface. The current .Mac webmail has been the same interface since 2002.


.MacAccording to the new .Mac webmail preview page, the new .Mac webmail features new look, drag-and-drop, message pane, smart refreshes, quick reply, built-in Address Book, message previews, message flagging and keyboard shortcuts. Personally, I believe the drag-and-drop is the most interesting feature allowing users to do just like doing so on the desktop (a.k.a. the Mac way).

Apple has not announced when the new webmail interface will be implemented. Apple previously called the .Mac email as the world's first class email account.

Just for the comparison, this is the current .Mac webmail interface:
.Mac webmail

Don't have a dot Mac account? You can try .Mac free for 60 days.

For more information about .Mac webmail's new interface, please visit this page.

Posted by Antony at September 27, 2006 2:16 PM

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