OmniWeb 5.x Backup QuickPick available

OmniWeb 5 Backup

Few days ago we mentioned the new release of OmniWeb 5.5.1 and the November spacial ($ 9.95). Today, we are pleased to announce the free OmniWeb 5 Backup ‘QuickPick’ is now available from MacCentre701.

OmniWeb 5 Backup ‘QuickPick’ offers a fast way to back up your OmniWeb 5.x bookmarks and settings, similar to Camino Backup ‘QuickPick’ and Firefox Backup ‘QuickPick’. It is also possible to use the Backup ‘QuickPick’ as a mean to sync between computers.

For more detail about OmniWeb 5.x Backup ‘QuickPick’, please visit OmniWeb 5 Backup ‘QuickPick’ page.


.MacBackup software will continue to function after .Mac subscription expiry, however, a valid .Mac account is required to activate Backup software for the first time you run it. Trial .Mac membership is sufficient for authentication. (Apple Knowledge Base Article: 86104)

Try .Mac free for 60 days now.

MacCentre701 also offers a number of Backup QuickPicks (free) for Backup users.

Posted by Antony at November 6, 2006 1:04 AM

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