X11 Update Update 2006 1.1.3


Apple has released version 1.1.3 of X11, the X Window System environment in OS X. This new version addresses the font issue in X11 1.1.2 released early this month. It also improves graphic support with enhanced GLX stereo visuals, and improved offscreen rendering for GLX Pbuffers and Pixmaps.

X11 for Mac OS X offers UNIX users the ability to run thousands of X11 applications concurrently with other Mac OS X applications.

For more information about X11 for Mac OS X, please visit this page.

X11 Update 2006 (Apple, 51MB)


This update addresses several issues in the X11 for Mac OS X package, enabling it to better handle:

- GLX stereo visuals
- offscreen rendering to GLX Pbuffers and Pixmaps

To tell X11 to take advantage of stereo visuals, enter:
$ defaults write com.apple.x11 enable_stereo -bool true

This update also addresses font issues present in X11 1.1.2, and is recommended for all users.

download X11 Update 2006 (Apple, 51MB)

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