creating DMG with QuickDMG


Mac OS X users should all be familiar with .dmg, a commonly used disk image format used in Mac OS X. But how do we create it?
Apple provided Disk Utilities (in Mac OS X v10.3 or later (and in Disk Copy in earlier versions). Although the creation of .dmg is not that difficult, it's a bit complicated when using the tool provided by Apple.

Script factory provides a nice and free tool - QuickDMG - allows creating DMG with little effort.


To use QuickDMG, you can simply drag a file or a folder into QuickDMG application icon, then make a quick selection on which type of DMG you want to use. We recommend using the "UDIF zlib-compressed" (default one).


QuickDMG is not designed for creating a complicated or highly professional disk images, it is designed to be easy to use. It not just does a quick job, but also a good job.

One thing I like QuickDMG most is that I don't have to specify the Disk Image file size first (as required by Disk Utility.)

What's the benefit of making a .dmg? As Tetsuro pointed out, unlike ZIP or StuffIt archives, you can open the compressed disk image without expanding it first. And there's also another good reason to use .dmg instead of .zip, you can annoy Windows users.

link: QuickDMG by Tetsuro KURITA.

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Posted by Antony at November 24, 2006 7:54 PM

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