Year 2006 Apple news in review

Year 2006 is about to end, this year has certainly been a very exciting year for Apple. There were certainly lots of news. Let's take a look back on important ones.

UniversalDuring WWDC 2005, Apple announced the transition plan switching from PowerPC based CPU to Intel based CPU. Apple asked developers to convert their software to Universal Applications, Apple also provided Rosetta for running most PowerPC based applications on Intel-based Mac smoothly.

Intel Core DuoEarly in January this year, Apple released first Intel-based Macs, iMac and MacBook Pro, both feature Intel Core Duo processors. MacBook Pro replaced PowerBook G4 line which was based on PowerPC G4.
iWebAlso during Macworld San Francisco (MWSF 06), a new app called iWeb was introduced with iLife '06, iPod Radio Remote released, added radio function to iPod.
Microsoft decided to provide Flip4Mac's Windows Media component for QuickTime for free and discontinues the development of Windows Media Player. Then in August, Microsoft decided not to continue the development of Virtual PC for Mac which means Intel-based Mac users will not be able to use Virtual PC at all.


Also in January, Disney bought Pixar, brought Steve Jobs onto Disney's board of directors.

In February, Alex Ostrovsky downloaded the 1 billionth song from iTunes Music Store. With that 99 cents he spent for the song, he also took home a 20-inch iMac, 10 iPods (video, 5th gen), and a $10,000 iTunes gift card.

iPod Hi-FiIn March, Mac mini also transited to Intel Core CPUs. Apple released iPod Hi-Fi.

Boot CampLater in March, running Windows on Intel-basd Mac was made possible by a group of people from website. One interesting test showed that Windows XP runs faster on Mac than on PC (Core Duo). Not long after that, Apple released Boot Camp providing booting up Windows officially. The following day, a then relatively unknown company released Parallels Workstation for Mac (later renamed to Parallels Desktop for Mac) bringing virtualisation solution to Macs.
Apple released 17-inch MacBook Pro on 25th April.

macbook_white_black_120x46.jpgIn May 2006, Apple released MacBook in two colours - black and white. Apple StoreApple opened a 9.75-meter (32-foot) glass cube at Fifth Avenue in New York City, the first Apple Store to feature glass cube design and the first Apple Store to open 24/365. iPod also gained a new accessory, a sport kit, in association with Nike.

In July, Mighty Mouse cuts the cord. The Wireless Mighty Mouse features Bluetooth 2.0 and Laser tracking technology.

Transition Accomplished

Mac ProIn August, (WWDC 06), Apple introduced 64-bit Mac Pro and Xserve replacing Power Mac G5 and Xserve G5. Both using dual-core Intel Xeon CUPs (making quad-core), speed is up to 3GHz. All Apple's current hardware are Intel-base now, the transition is completed.

iTunes StoreIn September, Apple began to sell feature-length movies in iTunes Store, Apple also increased the video resolution sold in iTunes Store from 320x240 to 640x480. New iPod, new iPod nano, and new iPod shuffle also released. Apple updated iMacs to Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs and added new 24-inch iMacs, speed up to 2.33 GHz.

In November 2006, Adobe released Acrobat 8 in Universal Binary, the free Reader is available one month later. Then Photoshop CS3 Beta, the most important Mac application finally gets Universal.
In December, Apple opened the official Online Store and iTunes Store in New Zealand.
Just before Christmas, VMware joined the virtualisation war, making VMwarer Fusion Beta available to public.

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