Parallels releases Desktop for Mac 2.5 Beta 3 (build 3106)

ParallelsIt's still during Christmas/New Year holiday, and Parallels, Inc. released third Beta for Parallels Desktop for Mac (Build 3106) on Friday, just 8 days after the release of second Beta.

New features (over second Beta released on 21st December) are:

  • Coherence now handles “round” windows like Windows Media Player or Winamp correctly.
  • Fullscreen and Coherence mode on secondary monitor fixed.
  • Guest pixel size calculation was fixed – applications like MS Access or MS PowerPoint should handle graphs correctly.
  • Guest Linux screen resolutions in 24 bit mode fixed.
  • Possiblity to switch off Command+ZXCV mapping or swap Control and Command keys introduced (the feature was requested by a number of beta-testers)
  • Several USB 2.0 fixes – more bulk devices to work since now. The work on web cameras and other isochronous devices is still in progress.
  • Parallels Transporter Beta 3 bundled


Screenshot of Coherence mode:
You can use the Windows application as well as Mac applications side by side, as if you have two Mac apps.

Of course, you can also run Windows in OS Window style.

Improved Parallels interface:

For more information and to download the Beta 3 of Parallels Desktop for Mac, please see Parallels Desktop for Mac Update Beta3 (Build 3106)

This beta release also includes the Parallels Transporter Beta 3 software to migrate a Windows PC, VMware, or Virtual PC Virtual Machines to Parallels Virtual Machines.

For more information on Parallels Transporter Beta 3, please see Parallels Transporter Beta3

Parallels Desktop for the Mac is available at the Parallels Web site, and is priced at US$ 79.99.

Parallels Desktop (Parallels Desktop official homepage)

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