getting an 802.11n wireless device?


802.11n wireless device has been around for quite a while, and yesterday, Apple officially announced the support of 802.11n, the new AirPort Extreme Base Station, to be available in February.

If you are thinking about getting 802.11n wireless technology (for both your Mac and PC), there are two articles we recommend. Apple's 802.11 wireless technology and Tech Republic's 10 things you should know before you buy an 802.11n wireless device.


The biggest concern now is... the 802.11n standard is not yet fully ratified. And current pre-802.11n or draft-802.11n devices may not guarantee N compatibility (when 802.11n standard finalised).

Please noted that the Tech Republic's article was written before with the release of new AirPort Extreme Base Station (which is based on 802.11n Draft.) With Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station, you don't need to worry about compatibility, you can be guaranteed that it will be as easy to use as all products should've been.

two articles:
802.11 wireless technology (Apple)
10 things you should know before you buy an 802.11n wireless device (Tech Republic)

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