Parallels Desktop for Mac 2.5 (Build 3186) released

ParallelsAfter several weeks of beta testing, the Parallels Desktop for Mac 2.5 has move out of beta, Build 3186 is available for general users.

The major features (compared to previous shipping version) are the Coherence , USB 2.0 support, direct 'drag and drop' between Windows and Mac OS X desktop, virtual CD/DVD drive, and Boot Camp partition support. As we mentioned during beta builds, you can easily transferring your old PC or even Windows under other virtualisers/emulators to Parallels Desktop by using Parallels Transporter.


Screenshot of Coherence mode:
You can use the Windows application as well as Mac applications side by side, as if you have two Mac apps.

Of course, you can also run Windows in OS Window style.

Improved Parallels interface:

For more information and to download the Parallels Desktop for Mac, please see Parallels Desktop for Mac (Build 3186)

This release also includes the Parallels Transporter software to migrate a Windows PC, VMware, or Virtual PC Virtual Machines to Parallels Virtual Machines.

For more information on Parallels Transporter RC3, please see Parallels Transporter

Parallels Desktop for the Mac is available at the Parallels Web site, and is priced at US$ 79.99.

Parallels Desktop (Parallels Desktop official homepage)
New Parallels Desktop for Mac Lets Users Run Windows Applications Like They Are Native Mac Applications (Parallels, press release)

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