VMware Fusion Beta 2 available, adds 3D graphic support

VMware Fusion

VMware Inc, has released the second public Beta version of VMware Fusion, a virtualisation client, similar to Parallels Desktop for Mac. The beta 2 version of VMware Fusion requires and Intel-based Mac, and adds support for 3D graphics, "snapshot" backups, improves Windows Vista support, adds Mac OS X 10.5 support, and more.
The first VMware Fusion (public) Beta was available to general public in late December last year. (our previous article on Beta 1)


New and Improved features in Beta 2:

This Beta 2 release of VMware Fusion for Mac includes the following new features and feature improvements:

  • Experimental 3-D graphics support — Play a selection of DirectX 8.1 games in Windows XP Service Pack 2 virtual machines.

  • Snapshot feature — Roll back your virtual machine to a known good state when something goes wrong in your virtual machine?for example, when your virtual machine picks up a virus, or when a software upgrade causes problems.

  • Improved networking — Automatically bridge to the computer?s primary network interface.

    Full support for Airport wireless networking, including virtual machines behind a NAT firewall and bridged to the local Airport network.

    Support for up to ten virtual network interfaces

  • Improved Microsoft Vista support — Support for Microsoft Vista Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.

    Complete VMware Tools support for Microsoft Vista including copy/paste, dragging and dropping files, shared folders, and screen resizing.

  • Improved hardware editor — Add additional virtual hard drives to a virtual machine for needed capacity.

    View the physical computer's battery status in the virtual machine.

  • Improved full screen mode — Support for plugging and unplugging displays while virtual machines are in full screen mode.

    Improved usability: an on-screen tip shows how to enter and exit full screen mode easily.

  • Experimental support for Mac OS X Leopard — You can now install and run VMware Fusion on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Support is experimental because Mac OS X 10.5 is not yet released. Fusion will support the release version of OS X 10.5 in the final VMware Fusion release.

For additional information on VMware Fusion Beta 2, please see VMware Fusion for Mac Releas Notes.

For more information and to download VMware Fusion Beta 2 please visit Fusion Beta Program web site.

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