Pennsylvania University dumps PC for Mac, saves money

News from Computerworld.

Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania is eliminating all of their PCs in favour of Macs and will also take the advantage of Apple's Boot Camp. Scott Byers, vice president for finance and the head of campus IT said that with the new initiative, they'll be be able to reduce the total number of computers and save about US$150,000.

"We'll be able to reduce the number [of computers] by about 250 across the campus," said Byers. This is because labs and classrooms were typically outfitted with an inefficient PC-Mac mix. Now, with all Macs and Boot Camp, users can select the OS they need or prefer and the total hardware investment is reduced. Byers expects the total number of campus computers to drop from 1,700 to about 1,450.

Mr. Byers also cited the security of Mac OS X. "It is, well, the superior OS, isn't it?" said Byers. Prior to the change over, the IT manager was a "dyed-in-the-wool Windows user."

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