high quality and DRM-free songs on iTunes Store


Music lovers can buy higher quality and without DRM restricted music from iTunes Store for only 30 cents more from May.

At the special event in London on Monday, EMI Music announced that it is launching new premium downloads for retail on a global basis, making all of its digital music available at a much higher sound quality than existing downloads and free of digital rights management (DRM) restrictions and that Apple iTunes Store will be the first online retailer to offer legal, higher quality, DRM-free music.

The high quality and DRM-free music will be US$1.29/£0.99/€1.29; however, iTunes will continue to offer consumers the ability to pay US$0.99/£0.79/€0.99 for standard sound quality tracks with DRM applied.


The news follows Apple CEO Steve Jobs open letter in which he made his feelings known about the requirements of the big four music labels to protect the music iTunes sells with digital rights management. Speaking at a press conference in London today, Jobs said: “We think our customers are going to love this, and we expect to offer more than half of the songs on iTunes in DRM-free versions by the end of this year”.

Currently, iTunes Store sells songs that are 128 kbps AAC encoded with DRM. From May, users can pay extra 30 cents (USD) for 256 kbps without DRM.

Users can buy DRM-free music and upgrade their current digital music through our iTunes Store link and support MacCentre701.

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