adds modern effects with Picturesque; exclusive discount

If you are looking for modern effects such as the ones used in Apple's website or created by iWork or iWeb, there's a tool that can help you creating those effects fast. We also have special discount to save you 25%.

Similar to ImageWell 3, Picturesque does not require Photoshop skill. All you need to do is to drag the picture into the application, and a quick setting adjustment. Your pictures/image will look gorgeous for web, and very Apple style.

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Picturesque can beautify your images with reflections, soft glows, shadows, delicate curves, strokes and fades.

It can also apply the same effect to a folder of images as well as an Automator workflow. Not just that, it is AppleScript scriptable. And the image can be saved with transparency which means you can use it on any background.

Picturesque is priced at $19.50. We have a special deal:
If you are interested in getting this Picturesque, you can buy it with this exclusive link and save 25%. (Special promotion expires on 31st May 2007.)

Picturesque (Acqualia)
adds modern effects with Picturesque; exclusive deal (SillyDog701 Message Centre)
25% off discount link (valid until 31st May 2007.)

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