Apple unveils new Leopard features

LeopardDuring yesterday's WWDC 07, Steve Jobs highlighted 10 exciting features, from 'CoverFlow' in Finder through to the Time Machine feature, interface improvements... etc, the most advanced OS is about to release in October.

During the Keynote, Steve Jobs impressed the world and promised 300 new features including a new Desktop and Dock with Stacks, an intuitive new way to organize files; an updated Finder featuring Cover Flow and a new way to easily browse and share files between multiple Macs; Quick Look, a new way to rapidly preview most files without opening an application; Time Machine, a new way to easily and automatically back up and restore lost files or a complete Mac; Spaces, a powerful new feature to create groups of applications and instantly switch between them; and enhanced iChat and Mail applications, which easily allow users to communicate even more creatively.



Leopard's exciting new technologies also include:

Other new features in Leopard include:

  • Leopard Mail
  • Leopard iChat with iChat Theater
  • Leopard iCal
  • Spaces
  • Web Clip
  • Boot Camp
  • Xcode 3

Unlike Windows Vista's complicated pricing (from US$199 up to US$399), Mac OS X version 10.5 Leopard will have a suggested retail price of US$129 (cheaper than Vista) for single user license or US$199 5-user license (in single residence).

Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’ is scheduled to released in October. For more information, please visit Mac OS X Leopard website.

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